Fresh vegetables & fruits
Fresh fishes, seafood, poultry & meat
Dairy products,cheese,eggs,butter
Pastries, desserts
Beef,lamb,mutton,pork meat cuts & preserves
Vegetables & fruits
Poultry products
Sausages, frankfurters, salami
Fishes and fillets
Ice cream, frozen cakes & pastries
Flour, grain and grain products, pasta and noodles
Sugar, preserves jams and jellied, honey
Cereal products, bread, biscuits, puddings
Soups, sauces, condensed soups
Herbs & spices, pickles, olives
Oils and fats
Canned meat fish, vegetables and fruits
Milk and milk products
Soft drinks, juices, wines and beers
Coffee, tea, herbal & fruit teas, cocao
Nuts and chips, chocolates
Cargo Hold & Tank Cleaning
Fabrication and manufacturing of parts
Gangway repair and fabrication
Ship crane repairing
Reconditioning of machinery
Steel and pipes renewal, weldings and fittings
Underwater repairs and inspections
Main engine and aux engines overhauling and piston reconditioning
Hydraulic repairs as a cranes,hatches, hyraulic
Bridge equipments repairs and Services
Rewinding electric motors
Ultrasonic thickness tests and crane winch tests
Rental Services as a generator, shore cranes and forklift
A/C repair and troubleshootings
Fire pipe line renewal, repair and reconditionings
Surveying of fire fighting equipments and life safety equipments
Gas Re-fillings (Oxygene/Acetylene)
Ship’s Laundry
Hidden Damages Repairs
Customs clearance & delivery on board of spares
Worldwide catering for vessels under our company’s catering service.
Lashing & Unlashing
Loading & Discharging
Port Lojistics
Rental Generators
Rental Cranes
Forklift Services
Cabin Stores
Deck Stores
Electrical Stores
Engine Stores
Safety Equipments
Technical Stores
Navigation Equipments